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Prelude - History of Music

Since the birth of the first micro organism on the mother earth till the present age, Music has survived every extinction, every world war, every calamity and has far reached to every civilization that ever existed or now Stands extinct, creating different interpretations of music in their social, political or spiritual lives. Though one might argue that during the initial years of life on earth one must have entirely concentrated on survival and music probably was out of comprehension but what an organism can't comprehend doesn't mean it is nonexistent.                
Great Music Leaders

Music has moved on in its non physical state to mesmerize by its spellbinding uniqueness yet diversified in many intellects as it captivates the minds of those who realize it and jiggle those who listen to it from the perspective of an outsider. Nevertheless effect on both types is almost the same with difference being in the depth of realization or as some may call it understanding. Music has no language although words are a medium through which music travels however, it doesn't necessarily require words to realize music. Music without words gives limitless dimensions to the listener's imagination just like poetry, though with words it draws a clear pattern.                                            

Words in the form of lyrics steers drunken imagination of people aligning it to the wavelength of the lyricists or at least tries to align however, nevertheless various interpretations can be made by different minds or for that matter same mind at different time depending upon the state of the mind of an individual or group. Lyrics create a partnership with music in order to define the depths of the emotion.

I think music has a language of its own without words or for that matter lyrics but it is also right that not everyone has the depth to realize music without labor of lyrics. Moreover, a lyricist has every right to put forth his heart in the form of lyrics as much as a musician has every right to put forth his heart out in the form music he composes though I believe that music unveils limitless possibilities of realization. Nothing dilutes the strong relationship between music and lyrics as they have given the world profound insight. Of course exception
s are meant to hold grounds as well. Even science has tried to measure and define music but I think it would be very cumbersome task to ascertain emotions and more specifically define those emotions that run through an individual while experiencing the depths of music. Scientists have reduced the realization to a feel good factor, of course it is true for some but the real value of music is in its reach as every individual goes through a different experience in the realm of music just like the life.

I would like to dedicate this website to the world's great men of music of the 19th Century and without any doubt they top the list in the present times as well. This website is also dedicated to Harriette Brower (1869-1928), who has written many books on Music and its study courses. Among her most renowned books are First and Second Series," "Home-Help in Music Study," "Self-Help in Piano Study," "Vocal Mastery,". These are just a few books she has authored, the list holds many books on the subject of music and there are famous books like, "Piano Mastery", based on her interviews with the most renowned musicians of her time. Our tributes to Harriette Brower.


Before we begin the stories of the music legends let us find out how Harriette Brower begun to assemble the information. 

The preparation began with a period of delightful research work in a great musical library. As a honey-bee flutters from flower to flower, culling sweetness from many blossoms, so the compiler of such stories as these must gather facts from many sources—from biography, letters, journals and musical history. Then, impressed with the personality and individual achievement of each composer, she endeavored to present their life story.
While the aim has been to make the story-sketches interesting to young people, the author hopes that they may prove valuable to musical readers of all ages. Students of piano, violin or other instruments need to know how the great composers lived their lives. In every musical career described, from the old masters represented by Bach and Beethoven to the musical prophets of our own day, their is a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance for the artist in any field. Through their struggles, sorrows and triumphs, divine melody and harmony came into being, which will bless the world for all time to come.

Below are some of the compositions of these great musicians. Mesmerize yourselves.                                                                                                              


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